New Century Careers marked the U.S. Department of Labor’s National Apprenticeship Week November 15-21 hosting a webinar on November 17 entitled “Apprenticeship Advantages for Individuals and Employers: A Conversation with Industry Leaders.” Webinar discussants were John Tkach, executive director, Keystone Development Partnership; Mara Peduto, consultant, Workforce Development, Catalyst Connection; and Neil Ashbaugh, NCC president and CEO. Stephen Catt, Ed.D., president, Workforce K2Gray, was the moderator.

Connectivity and pathways were common themes. The panel members collaborate on a number of programs and described how each of their organizations connect individuals — from high school through employment — to training completion often in months not years.

Each stressed the accessibility and affordability of apprenticeships – some tuition free — with abundant local resources to promote success for those in search of stable, fulfilling jobs with advancement potential and opportunity to earn coveted industry credentials employers seek.

Panelists said programs are developed through extensive employer listening sessions, plant visits and industry standard adherence, matching current workforce needs.  Within program parameters are options for some customization as well.  Seven regional group sponsorships bring together  companies unable to establish their own apprenticeships. Panelists also pointed out that non-traditional apprenticeships link professionals such as accountants, engineers and others to those positions within the manufacturing sector.

To access the full one-hour webinar, click here.