Registered Machinist Apprenticeship Program

Increase your workforce expertise

Registered and approved by the PA State Apprenticeship Council, the four-year NCC group sponsor machinist apprenticeship program addresses the needs of small to medium sized companies by providing the administration of a registered apprenticeship program for their employees while also acting as the registered sponsor of the program.

An Engaged Curriculum

Throughout the course of this apprenticeship, machinists will have the opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge of manufacturing in order to advance their careers. Following a time-based curriculum, this apprenticeship will follow the Related Technical Instruction of the Pittsburgh Chapter NTMA.

Benefits To The Employer

Employers will:

  • Recruit and develop a highly-skilled workforce that helps business growth
  • Improve safety, productivity, profitability and an employer’s bottom line
  • Minimize liability costs through appropriate training of workers
  • Increase retention of workers, during and following the apprenticeship
  • Build a pipeline of proficient workers with customized skills
  • Make a positive return on investment


Those who complete a registered apprenticeship receive a Journeyworker Certificate, a credential that is nationally recognized as a mark of distinction.

Take advantage of this opportunity!

To learn more, contact or 412-258-6620