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Day Classes – New class starts Monday July 18, 2022

Latrobe (Eastern Westmoreland CTC)

Evening Classes – Accepting new trainees on a rolling basis

MANUFACTURING 2000 (M2K), a PA State Registered Pre-Apprenticeship program, offers entry-level machinist training to qualified applicants at no charge. The program supplies area manufacturers with employees to replace their aging workforce and strengthen Southwestern Pennsylvania’s economy. M2K, a program of New Century Careers, has been made possible through the efforts of area manufacturers, educators, foundations, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the US Department of Justice and the US Department of Labor.

M2K classes are offered at New Century Careers’ training space on Pittsburgh’s South Side and at Eastern Westmoreland Career and Technology Center in Latrobe. The program provides 3 levels of training up to 600 hours. These sessions include hands-on experience, as well as special sessions focused on professional development and resume writing.

Every program applicant must:

Class Options

The Application Process

New Century Careers administers enrollment for all sites (Pittsburgh, and Latrobe).
Interested candidates may view the M2K application by clicking the link below.

M2K Application (Online)

M2K Application (PDF)

M2K Training

M2K students learn the basics of operating:

In addition, students learn blueprint reading, applied math theory, layout and benchwork.  Students also attend various soft skill seminars as well as field trips to local Manufacturers.

Quick Train

Quick Train is the first 125 hours of M2K. Students learn:


M2K’s ultimate goal is to place trained students in full-time positions with Southwestern Pennsylvania companies. Students will work with NCC Staff to prepare a resume and work on interview skills. The student will work closely with our staff to search for a job with one of our manufacturing partners.

We work closely with each student to find appropriate employment.

Partner Companies

Since 1997, more than 160 Southwestern Pennsylvania manufacturers of all sizes have partnered with New Century Careers to find high-quality employees and improve their skills.

NCC collaborates with many other agencies and associations to promote opportunities throughout the year that connects senior and middle management as well as frontline leaders with their peers and enable them to gain insights to emerging market and workforce trends.

Being a partner company means understanding workforce development issues in the Pittsburgh region and committing to being a part of the effort to improve the quality of skilled workforce in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Companies that offer employment to New Century Careers graduates pay a small fee only if they hire an M2K trainee. This fee, however, is only a fraction of what the employer would have had to pay for training that individual. When possible, New Century Careers provides incentives that assist employers with OJT training subsidies.

Here are some free online resources to help you study for the M2K aptitude test.

Math Study Resources

The math portion of the test covers the below areas at a high school level. We recommend Khan Academy‘s free resources to study these subjects. Please call us at (412) 258-6624 / (412) 258-6617 if you are interested in math tutoring on Monday afternoons.

Mechanical Reasoning Study Resources

Spatial Relations Study Resources

Learn more about our course curriculums:

For more information about M2K training programs, call 1-800-822-9337 or contact us.