Kenny using a milling machine at the New Century Careers training facility.

Kenny’s introduction to MANUFACTURING 2000 (M2K) came through an unexpected avenue – a former employer. Amidst a background marked by past mistakes, Kenny found himself seeking a new path, a fresh start. With a construction background and experience as a pipefitter, he harbored a desire for a career that offered both challenge and opportunity for growth. Machining, with its blend of technical expertise and hands-on craftsmanship, emerged as the perfect fit.

“I needed something to do as I get older,” Kenny reflects. “Being into trades where I had to climb up stuff… machining sounded like a great idea. It’s challenging because there’s always new things to learn and I always liked making things.”

Reflecting on his time at M2K, Kenny highlights the program’s emphasis on preparation and its seamless transition into the workforce. “Whether somebody is looking for a new career or a new job period,” he asserts, “it’s a great place to get tuition-free training and job placement assistance.”

Upon completing the program, Kenny found himself poised for success in the workforce. Joining Accrotool Inc., he seamlessly integrated into his new role, leveraging the skills and knowledge acquired through M2K. “I’m fitting right in,” he beams. “It makes it easier for them (Accrotool) if you already know how to do the stuff that you learn here (New Century Careers). It’s a big help.”

Looking ahead, Kenny’s aspirations are to continue learning and evolving within the realm of machining, to seize every opportunity for growth, and to embrace the journey with an eager motivation and open mind, aligning with the vision of MANUFACTURING 2000.