Incumbent Worker Training – MANUFACTURING 2000 PLUS:

Advancing the Skills of the Region’s Manufacturing Workforce

New Century Careers has helped over 200 companies in Southwestern PA advance the skills of 2,346 employees. From basic blueprint reading to seamless CAD/CAM integration, our MANUFACTURING 2000 PLUS program teaches your employees the skills needed to optimize your equipment usage and meet your business goals.

Our training methodolgy is:

How is our Training Delivered?

Open Enrollment

MANUFACTURING 2000 PLUS holds open enrollment classes during the Spring and Fall of each year for individuals with work experience who would like to improve their manufacturing skills. Classes are held at New Century Careers’ Training Innovation Center, and class time ranges from 24 to 48 hours.

Onsite Training

On a year-round basis, MANUFACTURING 2000 PLUS can conduct customized, onsite training for companies that would like to enhance the skills of their workers. These training sessions conform to companies’ particular schedules and product specifications.

Learn more about our course curriculums:

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