Staff & Officers

Officers and Board of Directors
Acting Chairman & Treasurer
John Ross, CFO
Kurt J. Lesker Company
Pat Booker
Allegheny County East Careerlink
Terry Campbell
Private Industry Council of Westmoreland/ Fayette, Inc.
Greg Chambers
Oberg Industries, Inc.
John Dalrymple
Hamill Manufacturing Company
Craig Dotson
US Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship
Karma Lisa Edwards
Bill Myers
Superbolt, Inc.
Mark Scott
SG&C Associates, Inc.
Ed Sikora
JATCO Machine & Tool Co., Inc.

Anselmo, Paul - Vice President of NCC Services

Champion and development leader of all NCC initiatives
Office Phone: 412-258-6622
Fax: 412-258-6625

Brandis , Tim - Training Innovation Center Administrator
Administers the day to day operations of our Training Innovation Center.
Office Phone: 412-586-0635
Fax: 412-258-6625
Harris, Tanika - Office Management
Assists the overall management and staff of NCC with administrative issues and is the first point-of-contact for visitors and guests, and is essential to the efficient flow or work and communication within the organization.
Office Phone: 412-258-6620
Fax: 412-258-6625

Friez, Dana - Basic Skills Training Coordinator
Assists in the detailed recruitment of students for the programs, including the processing of applications, testing and distribution of information.
Office Phone: 412-258-6676
Fax: 412-258-6625

Grosse, Carmen - BOTS IQ

Manages the activities of the Advanced Manufacturing Career Collaborative to promote manufacturing career awareness to students, parents, teachers, and counselors in southwestern PA.
Office Phone: 412-258-6668
Fax: 412-258-6625

Maciak, Barry - President, NCC
Involved in all aspects of New Century Careers strategic planning, training, partnerships, corporate relations, public relations and
successful operations. Also the managing partner of World Class Industrial Network (WIN) and director of Duquesne University's IET - Institute for Economic Transformation; other organizations that work in conjunction with the mission of New Century Careers.
Office Phone: 412-325-1565
Fax: 412-325-1572
Webb, Daniel - Program Assistant
New Century Careers 2009-2010 Public Ally. Provides assistance with initiatives related to AMC2 and LiLA.
Office Phone: 412-258-6623
Fax: 412-258-6625